Seminar 2-Louisa

Week 2, Semester 1

During this week’s seminar we looked at the use of mobile technology in the classroom, using our iPads. By using a variety of apps, this technology will excite children and engage them in their learning. We looked at a variety of apps including book creator, where the children can write their own stories using images from the internet or their photos and the QR reader, where the teacher can put the children’s task or links to the internet. This will really capture the children’s interest and it was really interesting to learn about these apps that I had never heard of!

During the seminar, we went on a scavenger hunt, following instructions from the QR code. My group picked the theme of shape to look for and found various shapes of different sizes and when we came back the other members of the group had to guess the theme from the photos we had taken. This would be a really good activity to do with children to familiarise them with technology. Afterwards we began to create a story of our ‘hunt’ on book creator, which again would be an excellent activity to develop the children’s computing and English skills. These are the photos we took under the heading ‘shape’:

Processed with Moldiv

After the seminar I looked at this link: which was really interesting to show how technology can ‘bring education to life.’ This document highlights the importance of increased communication due to these iPads, including a sharing of resources between teachers. There are endless uses of the iPad in the classroom, including making videos, taking notes, revising, making music and drawing and painting.

I also found a link which will help to provide resources for using an iPad in the classroom:! This website provides a list of apps that can be used for each subject, the top ten recommended sites for educational apps and interesting ways to use the iPad in the classroom. One interesting idea was ‘Hopscotch storytelling’ which allows students to write a story that contains the four characters that they select. The children can then program the character movements that link to the story. As the student is telling their story, they can activate the code to run the sequence. This activity can be screen recorded and narrated to be posted online. This website was very useful to provide an insight into using apps in the classroom. I really enjoyed this seminar and it has taught me a lot about the use of technology in the classroom.


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