Leah- Semester 1 , Seminar 2

Seminar 2 – 12th October

In todays seminar we looked at how we could use our iPad’s in the classroom, with the children. There are many apps on the app store that can help children’s learning. I downloaded the book creator app. I like this app because it gives the children the freedom to insert their own images from their iPad. This means they could do interactive activities such as making up their own story using pictures they have taken. once they have taken the images on their iPad’s they can insert them into book creator. They can add text, draw pictures and begin to form a book.

I did some research on how to use IPad’s in primary schools.  I found an interesting article on the guardians page.


It talked about technology positively developing the children’s learning. It said that apps such as e book allowed the children to work at their own pace without having to ask the teacher for the next instruction. There are many apps such as iMovie where children  can film their work and present it to the rest of the class. There are different apps to help in all the different curriculum areas. It is enjoyable and allows the children to be independent.

After looking at different apps here are some which I feel would be effective in the classroom for both teachers and pupils:

 phonics: fun on farm

 letter school- learn to write letters and numbers

 SMART notebook

 10 minutes a day times tables


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