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Semester 1 – Seminar 2

The use of iPad’s within schools:

In our second seminar for ICT across the Primary Curriculum we looked into the use of iPad’s in classrooms and the apps we can use as student teacher as well as what teachers are already using in Primary schools.

The uses of iPad’s for teachers are that they can; access information quickly, access media, differentiate instruction, organised, curate, can improve professional development and mobility. Meaning that when children get the chance to use iPad’s they will be; exploring, communicating, connecting, extending their learning, engaged and being creative.

The uses that iPad’s give children include:

  • Extra reading
  • Visualization
  • Annotation
  • Organisation
  • Story telling
  • Video production
  • Testing, evaluating and assisting
  •  Online portfolios e.g. reading
  •  eBooks
  •  iPad’s for art e.g. drawing
  • QR codes
  • Parent communications

For children to be able to use all of the above you need to have a gooipad1d amount of apps on the iPad’s which help the children with their learning. Some good examples of apps for children are; C.Collins Big Cat, Book Creator, Puppet Pals HD and QR reader. All these apps are helping children with their understanding of computing but are also usually cross – curricular too, meaning it will benefit the children in other areas of their learning too.ipad

During our seminar 2 ICT session we did an activity which we could also complete with children in practice. We used our iPad’s and QR codes to go on a treasure hunt for certain items outside. Below are some pictures that we took in our group, we had to find objects with different shapes e.g. something with 3 sides etc.


Academic source – Apple Education:

“IPad is transforming the way we teach and learn. Powerful creative tools, interactive textbooks and a universe of apps and content make for endless learning possibilities.” (

On Apple’s website they have a section for education, and the reasons why using iPad’s in education is a good thing. They believe that iPad’s give children a hands on experience with customisable learning experiences. They also state that iPad’s can be used to plan lessons for teachers – which is something that we did not discuss in our ICT session, but could be a good idea in the changing world of ICT. It also has a link to find out what ‘real teachers’ are doing with their iPad’s in their lessons.

Useful websites:


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