Seminar 3-Louisa

We looked at animation during this seminar and began by looking at two animated clips. We watched ‘Baboon on the Moon’ and ‘Laughing Moon’, both of which were really clever animations, the first to relate to science, geography and English and the second to maths. These would be really good to show to the children, in order to develop their knowledge of animation within computing.

We then developed our own animations in groups, using the programme ‘ICanAnimateLite’. First we made our setting of a farm by putting paper for the background and creating farm animal models out of plasticine. ICT 3We then used the app to take photos of our scene, one at a time, moving the animals a little bit each time. Once we had finished our scene, we transferred the photos onto iMovie. We added sound effects to our video and the played it back afterwards. This will be a really good activity to use in the classroom, as it will develop the children’s computing skills, by using the apps to create their video. This activity is very interactive and will excite the children which will therefore develop their learning even more. This activity will also enhance the children’s fine-motor skills and their teamwork!

Here is the link to our animation:

We used many resources for this, including the apps, the art and crafts resources and the iPads. After the seminar I looked at some more resources that I could use in the classroom and I found this website: This was really useful and the website had different sections, such as animation techniques, tasks for the pupils and tips for animation. I also found a this website that will be useful to use and link well to animation: This website looked really useful to show why we should teach animation and some ideas for doing so.


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