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Semester 1 Seminar 3: Animation

In this seminar we focused on animation, and began by looking at two animationsnishimoto_kiyoshi02 called ‘Baboon on the Moon’ and ‘Laughing Moon’.  We discussed the usefulness of these resources for use in the classroom, considering the application of literacy (comprehension), mathematics (seeing how shapes fit together) and art (constructing the animations).

In our groups, we then had the task of creating our own animations. To begin with, we needed an initial idea for the theme of our animation. After sharing some ideas we decided to make an animation set on a farm, with farmyard animals (a pig, a sheep, a duck and a dog – which we then made out of plasticine) and a farmer also. It was also important that we constructed a set, which was made up of blue card (the sky) and green card (the grass) – we later added in a black gate made out of card to act as a fence. Before we could start to make our animation, we needed to find an area with an appropriate amount of natural light (which happened to be a window ledgeAnimation), and plan our storyboard. We were then ready to make our animation, which we did by slowly moving each animal and taking photos for each frame using an app called ‘I Can Animate’ on our iPads. Once this was complete, we downloaded our animation to an app called ‘iMovie’, which enabled us to add sounds, helping to bring it to life. The creation of animations could provide valuable Animation 2learning opportunities for children. For instance, it could be a way to engage children in the story writing process, before transferring their stories to a storyboard. This requires children to use their imaginations and creativity, and links to literacy. Opportunities for art and design are provided through the creation of set, as well as the children being given the chance to improve and develop their ICT skills and experiences.

Here is the animation that my group created:

Following the seminar I then researched the theme of animation and found a very useful and interactive website called, which has an area where it is possible to make your own animations and watch tutorials on how to do so (source: This is also available as an app. I think that this resource would be ideal for children in Key Stage 1 as it is very simple and easy to use and would provide the opportunity to explore the theme of animation, allowing them to develop their skills inside and outside of the classroom.

I also came across a website called Teaching Ideas with a section for animation inspiration (source: On this page a teacher explains how they have used animation (with and without technology) to enhance children’s understanding and experiences of this concept. The teacher also offers a variety of other resources that teachers may use in their classroom practice.


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