Abbie’s Page – Seminar 1

ICT Title

Semester 1 – Seminar 1

Reflecting on the national curriculum for computing:

After my first seminar on ICT, I believe I have a sound knowledge on technology that are used in schools such as, iPad’s, Computers and white boards. In this module I think it will help me gain more experience and knowledge of the use of computing within the Primary Curriculum, and show me other techniques I can use in schools using ICT.

Some strengths in computing that I have are; being able to use all Microsoft software to an average level, understand how to use social media professional  and I have good skills when using my iPad mini and know some good Apps that will engage children in their learning and are fun. E.g. C. Collins Big Cat (story making App).

Some weaknesses I feel I have are not understanding or knowing all the important software that are used in schools, and also some words within the Computing National Curriculum I am unsure of but will complete reading to gain more of an understanding of these.

My learning objectives for this Computing/ICT Module are:

  • To earn 2400 points in the ‘Hungry Games’ challenges (games) to pass the module.
  • Become a skilled user of technology and use our skills in practice.
  • All games will get us better (achievements), also learn new things (challenges) and explore different skills to improve (exploration).
  • The module is training for real practical games in school settings.

Governmental source – Computing National Curriculum 2014:

‘The module will expand on and give you practical experience of the Computing programmes of study: Key Stages 1 and 2 National Curriculum in England’ (

The Computing National Curriculum is an education for pupils so that they are able to use ‘computational thinking’ and their creativity to understand the world around them but to also change it. Computing also has links with Maths, Science and DT, which shows insights to the natural and artificial systems. Children should have practical experiences and time with computers, so that they become responsible, competent, confident and creative users of technology.


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