Abbie’s Page – Seminar 3

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Semester 1 – Seminar 3

Animation and their learning opportunities:

As a group we were given the task to produce a short animation of anything we liked, which could be linked to an area of learning – but didn’t have too. Beforehand we watched two example animations to give us an idea of what we were expected to produce. One animation we watched was called ‘Baboon on the Moon’ and the other was called ‘Laughing Moon’. These animations were inspiring and very different from one another. They gave us as a group a few ideas of how we were going to make our animation.

download (4)nishimoto_kiyoshi02

As a group we were set the task to create a mini animation. We discussed an idea and then went through the process of making the video. In this process we used the apps; ‘iMovie’ and ‘I Can Animate’. We all had a different role to play within the group, e.g. one person taking the photos, another 2 moving the props and another creating any extra props we needed. Below are some pictures of the making process. We used paper as our backdrop, and made the farm animals out of Plasticine and then starting the process of taking photos between each small movement of the animals. To do this we used the App; ‘I Can Animate’. After, we were happy with our video we moved onto iMovie, where we could add sound effects and music to our animation. This made out animation more alive and made the video make more sense (e.g. the aggressive barking from the dog at the other animals).

I believe this would be a great task to complete with primary aged children. I think they would find it creative, fun and let their imagination run wild. You could also make the animation a cross-curricular activity where they would have to make a movie about a subject or a topic they have been learning about recently.

IMG_0159 IMG_0162 IMG_0163

Academic source – Technology, good or bad?

“Technology in the Classroom: The Good and Bad” ( and

In this article it talks about the good and bad aspects of technology. Mindy Brooks, director of education at Sesame Workshop, states that apps that are used in the classroom have been developed for a curriculum goal to hit. This could include our ‘I Can Animate’ app which is developing children’s computing skills such as; ‘use technology purposefully to create, organize, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content’. (National Curriculum, 2014).

Our final animation video!!

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