Leah – Seminar three

Seminar three

In today’s seminar we learnt all about animation. I now know how to use the software on my IPad to make my own animation.

We watched two animation clips, which gave us an idea of how animations work. We also looked at children’s animations which they had made. It was interesting to see how easily the children grasped the concept.

We talked about the simple steps that are needed in order to create an animation and we looked at the props that were available for us to use. We got into groups and thought about what we could do an animation of. My group decided that we would make farm animals and do an animation based around them. We used the app ‘I can animate’, to take photos of every move and change that we made to our animation. This is a long and fiddley process but when it’s done well, it looks effective. We decided that we would make four playdough animals, so we could each control one each. We worked well as team, capturing the movements and deciding where to place our animals. It took a long time to get just a few seconds of footage.

Once we had finished our animation we had to save it onto the cameral roll, ready to import into the app ‘iMovie’. In iMovie there are lots of things you can do to ediIMG_0163t your animation. You can add sound effects, music and voice overs. This is a fun activity that children would love to do. They could each voice a character or make some background music. My group decided to use the pre-loaded sound effects. These included: a sheep noise, a dog barking and cheering. We also recorded the voice of the farmer character.

I researched children’s animations and it was interesting to see how many children’s films are made through animations. I found a website which teachers would use to show children different clips from movies.


The children probably know a lot of these films so it will be interesting to talk about how they created the animations and which steps they had to follow.


The children could watch this animation to get ideas of some simple animations look. They can see the constant movements and they could compare this to the film animations.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wmh-heId8Y – this is the link to our animation



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