Seminar 4-Louisa

The focus of the seminar was about digital citizenship and keeping children safe online. We were introduced to an app called padlet, where we were able to brainstorm ideas about internet safety. We talked about the meaning of the elements of digital citizenship and children’s relationships with technology and how these can be positive, however can lead to negative experiences, for example cyberbullying. We discussed various scenarios and how we would deal with these as teachers, for example if the parents had been mentioning a teacher by name in a negative way online.

We then discussed the issue of cyberbullying and how it can be done through threat, manipulation, stalking, prejudice and hacking. Cyberbullies aren’t always the children we expect and may act out of social anxiety or pressure. Schools should set a realistic, enforced policy of teaching digital citizenship. Parents can help by knowing what their children are doing online, explain good behaviour online, keep passwords private and be prepared to deal with cyberbullying.

Links from the seminar on child safety:

Resources to support the safe use of technology:

This source demonstrates how to teach children about internet safety, including being creative, recognising the positive impact of technology and encouraging parent leadership.

Governmental Source:

This link to an Ofsted report demonstrated the concern of the growing amount of under age children using social media. Ofsted have said that schools need to have a robust approach to managing internet safety and have a consistent policy.

This seminar has been really useful to teach me the importance of internet safety and helping the children in my class to use technology in a positive and safe way. Technology can hugely enhance children’s learning, however can be dangerous and we as teachers need to be aware of this and address this.


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