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Semester 1 Seminar 4: Digital Citizenship

The focus of this seminar was Digital Citizenship (or e-safety). We began Padlet
thinking about the definition of e-safety, the importance of it and the things that keeping safe affect, using Padlet – a useful teaching tool for recording ideas collaboratively, particularly at the start of a new topic. We then looked at the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship, which make up the
safe and appropriate use of technology, discussing the Digital Citizenship 9 Elementsmeanings of each aspect. One of the issues we explored in relation to the safe use of technology was the teacher’s role in promoting and ensuring this. To do this we looked at a range of real scenarios regarding the unsafe/inappropriate use of technology, and thought about how we would respond to them as teachers. This was a useful activity as it made me realise that such issues do arise in schools, and that it is important to know how best to respond. During the seminar we also talked about cyberbullying, and our responsibilities as teachers to prevent this, by supporting victims and actively discouraging such harmful actions for example.

Following the seminar I looked at a school’s website which has a specific section on e-safety. The page defines the term and provides guides for parents on cyberbullying, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These are excellent and informative resources for parents which will help them to keep their children safe while using technology. They also help to clarify such social networking sites which may have seemed extremely complex to parents with little experience of technology.                       (Source:

I also explored a website which provides an informative video for teachers on the topic of e-safety, as well as a range of activities and resources for teachers to educate their pupils about how to use technology safely. There is also a parent section with a presentation available also.       (Source:

Another resource that teachers could use with their class is a Newsround video, illustrating the dangers which the internet can pose if used unsafely, as well as explaining how to stay safe.                     (Source:

Department for children, schools and families (2009) Cyberbullying: Supporting School Staff. Nottingham: DCSF Publications.                                                                                                      A document by Chldnet International is one that I believe would be very useful for teachers. It begins by explaining what cyberbullying is, and that this is something that everyone should be conscious of. It then identifies ways of responding to cyberbullying (such as keeping records of abuse and informing the suitable member of staff) and offers prevention strategies (for instance by determining rules for the use of technology and ensuring that personal information is protected). The document also includes a checklist of crucial necessities which schools should abide by.


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