Leah – Seminar four

Semester one, Seminar four

In todays seminar we looked at E safety. This is a huge issue today as more technology is being invented, and children are beginning to use it at a younger age.

We talked about the different types of E safety and how as teachers we can protect the children from danger.

Capture1  It’s important that teachers monitor the children when they are using the internet or technology to ensure they are following the rules/guidance. For example, setting passwords, not sharing personal information and not talking to people they don’t know.

If a teacher suspects a child isn’t using the internet safely they need to deal with this situation. This could be talking to the child, parents or senior staff. The way you deal with it depends on the situation. In the Capture%201seminar we talked abut different scenarios and what we would do. It was interesting to see the different views and share our ideas.

Another big E safety issue is cyber bullying. Due to the increase in technology cyber bullying is becoming more common. Children can type horrible messages on their key boards anonymously, not knowing how much they are hurting another child. Cyber bullying is just as bad as physical and verbal bullying; its the same thing. It’s important that children are educated about cyber bullying and understand the impact it has. Schools should have policies and procedures put in place to protect children from cyber bullying.

th67PXG1TC Schools can keep children safe when they are online by having filter settings which disallow any inappropriate or not trusted websites. They should also monitor any class chat rooms so they an see what is being said.

After the seminar I did some research on cyber bullying in schools.


This website was good as it had information about how stay safe online, what is cyberbullying, how to deal with cyber bullying, staying safe on twitter, dealing with dangerous websites and information about how to seek help.

I  also did some research about what the government thinks about cyber bullying.


The government says there is no place for bullying. Schools need to create a positive culture which prevents and tackles bullying. It is a large document that covers many aspects of cyber bullying. It talks about expectations, pupils experiences, how to tackle bullying and information about additional training.

Ofsted will be looking in schools to see how they deal with all types of bullying. They will look if the school has a cyber bullying policy in place for the children.


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