Seminar 5-Louisa

The Seminar this week focused upon interactive whiteboards. We looked at the function of the interactive whiteboards, to use as warm-ups to a lesson, for whole-class lessons, for group activities, for the individual child and for the plenary to conclude a lesson. The whiteboards are crucial to the child’s learning and will aid the teacher hugely with the lesson, in terms of providing interactive activities which will engage the children. There are three different types of whiteboard: the Promethean Board, the SMARTBoard and the RM Easiteach.

Smart Board                                                                                         Promethean Board

We looked at the levels of interactive whiteboard skills which are:

  • Foundation (level 1) – using the board for presentation purposes.
  • Formative (level 2) -working predominantly from the board and operating functions.
  • Facility (level 3) – additional functions mastered and being used with greater frequency.
  • Fluency (level 4) – broaden repertoire of skills and techniques.
  • Flyer (level 5) – wide repertoire of techniques and high levels of interaction between teacher and pupils.

By using the interactive whiteboards, this will help to increase the children’s learning as they will be motivated and engaged with the lesson. This will support different learning styles and help to ensure a structured, well planned lesson. The boards will also provide an effective visual aid, however should not be relied upon all the time, as there are vital skills for children to learn that do not need technology.

We then looked at the programme ActivInspire and learnt how to use this so that we can work with the children in our class with it. We looked at some tricks to use with it, which included rubbing over an answer and then revealing it and layering to hide things away. This programme will excite and engage the children and therefore encourage their learning.

Some web links discussed in the seminar are:

Fly Catcher – (Links to an external site.)

Lily Hop – (Links to an external site.)

Controlling Around a Route –. (Links to an external site.)

Drawing with a Control Toy – (Links to an external site.)

These links are various Key Stage 1 interactive activities that will be really useful to use with the children to get them engaged in a subject and to help increase their use of technology.

After the seminar I found the following resources to link to the interactive whiteboard:

These resources are all for interactive whiteboards and all have useful games and activities to use with the children. This seminar has been really useful, as before it I didn’t know much about interactive whiteboards and now I feel more confident in using one in a classroom environment.


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