Leah- Seminar five

Semester one, Seminar five

In todays seminar we talked learnt about interactive whiteboards and how we can use them in the classroom with the children. Nowadays most schools have Picture1interactive white boards in most classrooms.

Interactive whiteboards can help the children to be active learners as the children can get involved. It’s important that teachers use every aspect of their interactive whiteboard. They shouldn’t use their board like a normal whiteboard where they write notes or draw pictures. There is so much more available for the teachers to use.  They need to get the children involved and let them use the board by playing games such as splat.

I saw the game splat being used in my pre course experience. The children loved it when they had to find the right answer to the math problem and tap ‘splat’ it on the board. There are lots of games available for all the areas in the curriculum. I also saw a good lesson where the teacher did a phonic session using the interactive whiteboard. She put the images and sounds on the whiteboard for all the children to see on the big screen. The children then had to drag and match the correct sounds to the correct image.

The children love being chosen to use the interactive whiteboard as they see it as a treat and a fun experience because they don’t have one at home.

We looked at the software ‘Activinspire’. This has lots of features which the teachers can use. It looks like a normal whiteboard but the teachers have lots of things they can do with this software. This includes:

– inserting a background ( lined paper, maths squares)

– inserting images from the internet and being able to annotate around/ on them

– insert shapes/lines etc.

-change the background colour( this can help children who find it difficult to look Picture3at the bright white background)

– write freehand( which can then be turned into typed text)

The whiteboards can help to make the lessons more interactive and engaging. However, teachers shouldn’t use the interactive whiteboard in every bit of planning for the whole lesson. The children will get bored and it won’t be seen as exciting or fun anymore. The children need to explore and get interactive in a variety of ways.

Picture2The main whiteboards that are used in classrooms todays are the Smart board and the prometheam board.


This website had lots of good interactive whiteboard games and the website was organised into key stages and subjects which made it easy to find a suitable activity



I also went on the tes Iboard website and found some good activities for teachers to use. There are lots of games on there which could help the children’s development in a variety of subject areas. These games make the most of the interactivity available through using interactive whiteboards.



This website talks about creative ways to use the interactive whiteboards in the classroom. I think this is interesting because it is important to  use the IWB with the children or there is no point having a board with so many functions. It isn’t designed to only be used by the teacher or teaching assistant, children also need to explore what it can do. I liked the idea of using google maps with the children in geography sessions so show them areas of our world or buildings in which they are studying. Children love using the IWB so its important to encourage this in all subject areas. For example, do an interactive spelling test or maths test. Children can also come up to the board and use the pen to write their ideas, this can then be saved and stuck in the children’s books as evidence.


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