Round 6-Louisa

Evaluating Resources-Interactive Resourcesict

This website is a maths resource base which has various games, worksheets and activities relating to the curriculum from year one to year six. This is a subscription website, however has a two week free trial. The website is really useful for teachers to use during whole class or group activities in order to engage the children, as well as responding to the curriculum. It is really easy to use and the children will also be able to use it to complete maths games and activities, without adult support.

What I like about the website:

I really like the format of the website, as it is very colourful and appealing to children which will help them to actively engage in their learning. I also like the clear links to the curriculum as the teacher can click on the area of the curriculum that they are currently working on, and easily find activities to enhance this. There are over 600 resources on this website and there is the ability to save your favourites in folders, which enables you to easily find them and use them again. This website looks really useful and will be great to use with the children in school.

ict 2ict 3

What could be improved:

The resources could be more clearly set out as they are laid out all together, therefore it is difficult to find which key stage or topic you are looking for until you click on curriculum objectives. The pricing of the CD based software seems a bit confusing and I am not sure about the difference between the three subscription options! It would also be useful to have a system to keep the children’s progress recorded. Apart from the this, the website is really useful and easy to use.

These are a couple of examples of using the resources from the website:



I found the website really useful and look forward to using the resources with the children!




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