Leah- session 6



This website has got lots of activities for English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, French and Spanish. There are activities which the teacher can do with the children on the interactive whiteboard as a whole class activity. These are interactive and fun to play. They e2ngage the children as they have to get up and touch the correct answers.

There is also a student tool section where the children can use the programme on their own individual computer. This activity allows the children to open a sketch pad where the can draw shapes and use the different images to label and create shapes. There are also sketch pads for different topics such as weather.


Type of website?

This website is designed to help both teachers and children. There are resources and activities to help the teacher teach the children. There is a teacher area where 4they can monitor their student’s progress and see which activities they are completing. This allows the teachers to set work for the children on this website as s/he can see when the children have completed it. It also includes resources to help the teachers such as lesson plans and topic ideas.


There are free trials available for primary and secondary schools by signing up for 21 days. To have access all year round teachers can apply for a subscription.


Age range

The website is designed for teachers but there are resources available for all the key stages in the primary schools.

Basic functionality/ease of use

I found this website really easy to use because everything is organised based on the subject which makes it easy to find resources for specific subjects and key stages. The activities are simple to use as they use voice overs but there is also a subtitle 6option. The children could easily use the resources that are designed for them. Once the teacher has set the work for the children they could easily find the correct activity and complete it with ease. The children could independently complete their work without any adult input.

How it can support the curriculum

This website definitely helps to support the curriculum as it has engaging activities for the children to do, developing their skills in the different subject areas. It also supports the teachers to ensure they are using good planning strategies and topic ideas as it gives them guidance on this. The teachers can teach the content of the lesson and use the interactive lessons to test the children’s knowledge and understanding.

2 things you like

  • I really like that the activities can be turned into interactive board activities. I think that children will enjoy doing these activities as a class as they can help each other and be engaged in what they are doing
  • I really like the layout of the website and how easy it is to navigate around the pages


2 things that could be improved

  • There could be more subject areas such as history, geography and art
  • I think the trial period could be slightly longer because 21 days isn’t very long for the teachers to trial the website



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