Abbie’s page – Seminar 6

ICT Title

Semester 1 – Seminar 6

Evaluating resources:


I researched into the website – Planet Sherston. This was a free website to join, and has many resources for both teac
hers and children to use (having a separate student log in).

This website has the option to choose different subjects, these were;Website Maths, English, WebsiteComputing and Humanities activities. The websites activities had different age ranges; from early years to upper key stage 2. The basic functionality of the website is for children to complete activities to aid their learning. The teacher can filter the games down to the age range, subject, topic and level. I believe this website would be appealing for children to use for extra learning outside school (in a fun way) or a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom for either whole class session or smaller groups/ 1:1. The website gives the children a chance to beat their old scores in the activities they have completed in the pass. This is creating a aim/ focus for the children to try and achieve, meaning they will try and push themselves to work harder for a better result.

Ease of use:

I believe children would be able to access this website without any problems, and complete the games and activities without any adult input. It has many tabs for the children to choose from, including a blog and performance tab to keep a record of achievement for the children. This performance tab will also manage the children’s progress for both the teacher and student to look back on for assessment.

I think this website supports many areas in the curriculum because of its different subject areas it offers. For example the maths subject has many addition and subtraction games which will support key stage 1 children meet the aim of being able to: “… Solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.” (National Curriculum, 2014).

Two things I liked about the website:

  • The use of animation and amount of different games/ activities on offer.
  • The filtering options (e.g. limiting English down to each topic)Maths game

Two things I think could of worked better:

  • Make it easier to navigate for younger children.
  • Having different sections for the different subject areas.

Academic source:

On the below website, it gives an academic review of the website Planet Sherston. The review is written by a teacher, so you can relate their review to practice and how well it has been used in their own practice. The review also talks about the view of the child using this website. It is an overall good review and great to read from a teacher!


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