E-Safety Awareness Badge-Louisa


This poster is really eye-catching and I like the way it uses the parts of the body to engage with the children and successfully portray the information. I really like the way that this poster encourages the children to respect and protect their and others information online in order to keep themselves safe. The posters encourages the children to speak to an adult if they are upset or worried about anything online. I also like the way it sets the expectations for only using a personal device for educational purposes while at school. This is a really good poster and sets high expectations for each child in the school to be a digital citizen.


This poster encourages the children to be safe and ‘smart’ while on the internet, which is an important subject. This shows the children why you should stay safe and not give out any personal information about yourself on the internet or meet up with anyone you have met on the internet. It talks about telling a teacher or parent if you get into trouble online. There is a helpful website for the children to visit if they are unsure or want any extra information about the topic.




This poster is friendly and colourful and is eye-catching. This poster also talks about not giving out any personal information and asking an adult if you are unsure about something that is said online. I like the way the poster talks about being respectful of others and yourself when online.




I really like this acrostic poster which gets the message across successfully. I like the way it encourages the children to talk to an adult if they are unsure or uncomfortable and not to give out any personal information to strangers. This will help keep the children safe online.


This poster is bold and gets across the message that internet safety isn’t only about dealing with problems which arise, it is also about being part of a safe community and keeping everyone safe. This is a powerful message and will respond to the children, making them think about online safety.





This poster responds specifically to Facebook and I like the way it has used the blue colours to help put the message across. It shows how you should think before you act and look at your privacy settings to ensure you are safe online. I like the way it shows how to deal with cyberbullying-by not responding to it and blocking and reporting that person. This poster is really useful to show how to be safe on Facebook and what to do if there is a problem.



Similarities between the posters:

  • They all demonstrate how to stay safe online and give different techniques with how to cope with problems online, such as telling an adult.
  • They are all bright and colourful to catch the children’s attention.
  • Many of them talk about respecting both yourself and others online.
  • They state that you shouldn’t give out any personal information online or meet up with a stranger you have met online.
  • Some of them talk about only using mobile devices for educational purposes while in school.


My Own Poster:





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