Leah- Seminar eight


Seminar eight – Key Stage 2 Computing Curriculum


In todays seminar we focused on ICT in key stage two. We looked at different websites which would support this teaching. In key stage two children need to learn to :

  • design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or stimulating physical systems; solve problems by decomposing them into smaller parts
  • use sequence , selection, and repetition in programs; work with variables and various forms of input and output
  • use logical reasoning to explain how some simple algorithms work and to detect and correct errors in algorithms and programs


In our session we explored some websites:


On this website you could pick a background and a character. You had to programme your character to move around your background. I liked the space background because you had to try program the space man to move around to the planets and space ships. 6.PNG

I think children will enjoy picking the backgrounds as it makes it more fun and engaging for them. They can also pick something they are interested in.






I liked this activity because children could try to create shapes or write their name. You have to click the code from the key on the side and then type in the number of movements. For example, for the L it was ‘ Fd 6 , Bk 6 ,Rt 4’.

Children would have to think carefully about how many spaces to use and which direction to move.


2go1.PNGI liked this page because there are lots of different coding activities to complete. The children can move down the list as they get increasingly difficult. These activities are different to the other ones because it gives the children challenges to complete. The children can’t move on to the next stage until they complete each challenge.


I really liked the hour of code website because it was based on themes such as star wars, frozen or angry birds. The visual graphics made it more engaging and interesting. You had to work through a series of challenges set by the characters in the game. The challenges got more complex and gradually introduced new language such as ‘ repeat’ and ‘degrees’. The way the challenges worked would help the children to gradually build their knowledge and understanding of coding. Capture1.PNG

The animation of the character completing the actions made it fun to watch but it would also allow children to see where they made mistakes and debug their algorithm.




Once you finish each challenge the character congratulates you and you can move onto theCapture3.PNG next task. Then finally, once you’ve completed all of the challenges you get a certificate which you can personalise by adding your name. I think children would enjoy this as it gives them a sense of achievement and they can see they’ve successfully progressed through the challenges.




This website breaks down the ICT curriculum and talks about what children need to learn based on the national curriculum. It breaks down each concept and talks about what it is and how to introduce this to children. This would be very useful especially for teachers who lack confidence or experience. It also discusses how to plan and resource these sessions which would be helpful when breaking down the national curriculum into learning objectives and actual lessons.


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