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E-safety Awareness badge:

All the internet e-safety posters give 5 main points of how to stay safe online. Most of the posters have one main image of either a person or a computer or both. All the posters use colours to make the poster attractive to young people and stand out.

Poster 1 sets out 5 clear instructions that children need to follow to stay safe online, e.g. never give out personal information. The computing has a smiling face and its thumbs up, showing the children these are the right things to do.

Poster 2 uses colour to highlight the important words in the statement for the children to focus on. It also used the first person when describing the right ways to be safe online. The advice on the page I think would be really useful for children to read, for example, ‘I stand up and say ‘no!’ to cyber bullying. I will tell an adult if someone is being unkind or harmful.

Poster 3 uses simple language, which would be great for younger children to understand as lots of information can becoming overwhelming for some children to read and learn. I like the use of the image of the girl as a role model for being a digital citizen.

Poster 4 gives 5 short and snappy instructions on how to stay safe online, which I think is great as its short but precise. It could be too simple for older children, so this poster is probably better use for Early Years or KS1 because of the level of writing.

Poster 5 uses the most detailed writing in it, using the acrostic style, which I find works really well and gives clear and detailed instructions on how to stay safe online. It also provides its audience with a website to give more information around the area of E-safety.

After looking into E-safety posters online I have given it a go myself! Click the link below to have a look.

E-safety poster


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