Abbie’s Page – Seminar 9

ICT Title

Semester 2 – Seminar 3

During our session we looked into coding, Key Stage 2 Computing Science, using the website Scratch and the program Flowal 4.

Scratch card.PNG
Example of help card for Scratch.

I found using the website Scratch difficult, I think this was mainly because we were not able to access the support cards online, as the software was having some problems. I have added an example help card into this blog to give you an idea of how it supports your learning. When using scratch I was opened up to all the different resources available. It offers lots of different platforms to design your own program, but also to experience other peoples designs and play around with what other people/ students have made using coding. I tried out a few games which were on the website, and was amazed at the quality of work that can be created through using Scratch. I did worry about using this resource in a classroom environment because I did not feel confident myself in using the program. I think extra support would be needed for me to teach this in a classroom.

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We then moved onto using the resource Flowal 4, which I found much more accessible for me. I felt as though I understood what was expected of me during my time using the program, which was to create a set of instructions to make a certain action to happen (making a algorithm). For example making traffic lights change colour in the right order. See images above for example of my attempt. I also like the simple way of laying out the instructions on Flowal 4, and I think children that struggle with taking too much information in at once would really enjoy this layout and resource.

Useful website:

This website below offers training for teachers to teach how to use Scratch effectively, and being able to answer the questions or quires of their class. I would find this website very helpful, considering how much I struggled in learning how to use Scratch.

Academic resource:

The website scratch has a section ‘For Educators’, which can be found in the link below. It offers the chance for educators to share their stories, exchange resources, ask questions, and find people using Scratch – they call it ‘ScratchEd. ScratchEd talks about how educators have been using Scratch in a variety of activities in different learning environments, which is really useful to read about as it gave me lots of ideas of how to use Scratch in the classroom.



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