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Reflection on how the schools use their Facebook pages in a professional capacity:

Cornerstone Church of England Primary School Whiteley use their Facebook page as a platform for sharing information about the school and the classes within it with parents. So sharing pictures and links of what the children have learnt or produced in class.They also post comments about events happening within the school.

( )

Westfield Junior School – St Ives use their Facebook mainly to pass information onto parents about events or information. Also provides information about the wider community and post pictures of the children occasionally.They post about celebrations of the school (e.g. children who won the hamper competition)  but also general celebrations (e.g. Christmas and New year).

( )

Federation of Riders Infant and Junior Schools uses their Facebook page to post general update posts to parents and visitors of the school, it also replies to questions/ comments of any parents or visitors to the page. It also posts pictures of school trips and of their pupils learning in different environments.

( )

Porchester Junior School posts updates about the achievements of  the children in their school. They also posts replies to queries or comments to parents. They have also posted pictures of school trips, e.g. their school residential trip. Porchester also post key events and dates on their Facebook wall, including reminder of term dates.

( )

Below are the 10 different posts around the theme of Computing and ICT

By researching and posting these websites on Facebook I learned about how many different resources are out on the internet to help and support teachers within their learning around ICT and Computing, and how they can therefore help the children. This was a really useful task and I now have a bank full of ICT and Computing resources to use in future practice.


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