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E-safety – E-safety Awareness Badge

Google search for ‘e safety digital citizenship posters’:

Analysing the posters:

  • ‘Smart’ acronym poster (top left): this poster is very descriptive and is therefore suited to older children, however it is still colourful and eye-catching. The use of the acronym provides a way for children to remember their responsibilities as digital citizens.
  • ‘All digital citizens’ poster (top right): this is a powerful poster as it briefly summarises the main points about what being a digital citizen entails, meaning that it is suitable for younger children also. By being concise, the key messages of the poster are more likely to be take on board by children.
  • ‘I am a digital citizen’ poster (middle left): I would suggest that this poster is another one that is targeted at older children, due to the use of some more complex language. However, it is still child-friendly due to the use of pictures and colour. The words highlighted in bold enable the reader to create a summary in their mind of the important elements which make up a digital citizen.
  • ‘eSafety Tips’ poster (middle left): The use of colour and pictures make this poster visually appealing. It describes in short the main aspects of internet safety to ensure that children know how to protect themselves and others, and could be shown and displayed to older and younger pupils (although a relatively good reading ability is required).
  • ‘Be safe online’ poster (bottom left): Again, this poster uses colour, pictures and short sentences to impart knowledge of how to be safe online. Its simplicity also makes it suitable for all children with a fairly good reading ability, old and young. It also focuses on the safety of individuals, while reminding of the importance of respect for others.
  • ‘Staying Safe on Your Learning Journey’ (bottom right): This poster holds a substantial amount of content – although this is not necessarily something negative, as headings are used to summarise key points, while the descriptions underneath add a greater degree of precision. It would be aimed for display to older children.

What the posters have in common:

  • They are all visually appealing – each of these posters use colour to attract readers.
  • They all provide a summary of key points – whether that may be in the form of a short sentence, a heading or by using bold writing.
  • Reiterated points in multiple posters include: retaining the privacy of personal details, being kind and respectful, receiving adult support, taking action against cyberbullying and the danger of strangers.

My e-safety poster:

e-safety poster.JPG


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