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Professional tools Badges – Facebook

Cornerstone Primary – types of posts:

After visiting this school’s Facebook page, I noticed the following types of posts:

  • Photos of class work/displays
  • Photos of individual children’s work
  • Information/notifications/reminders for parents/carers
  • Events going on for the children in school (which may include photos) and events families can get involved in
  • Job advertisement

Westfield Junior – types of posts:

The types of posts I observed on this school’s Facebook page include:

  • Reminders for parents/carers about events taking place
  • Questions
  • Congratulation/well done posts
  • Information for parents/carers (e.g. about school closures, school trip updates)
  • Posts about events (including photos)
  • Thank you’s
  • Vacancies

Federation of Riders Infant and Junior Schools – types of posts:

Below is a list of the types of posts that can be found on this Facebook page:

  • Information/reminders for parents/carers (e.g. school trip updates)
  • Events taking place (including photos)
  • Thank you’s
  • Link to questionnaire
  • Video clips (or links to these)

Porchester Junior School – types of posts:

Here are the types of posts I found on this school’s website:

  • Information/reminders for parents (e.g. about events taking place, school closures)
  • Thank you’s
  • Requests
  • Posts about events (including photos)
  • Congratulations/well done posts
  • Event/activity suggestions
  • Good luck posts
  • Content the children are learning about

Reflection – how these schools use their pages in a professional capacity:

All of the above schools use Facebook very effectively in a professional capacity. Realising that in the present day many parents and carers will be users of Facebook, these schools have put this to their advantage by using the site as a fantastic communication tool. Each one of these schools uses Facebook to keep parents/carers up to date and informed, which is a fantastic benefit of technology. The social network is also used professionally, as parents/carers/relatives of the children attending these schools may feel more involved within the school community and are able to engage in conversation through posting comments. While the schools differ slightly in the content of their posts, it is clear by looking at their pages that Facebook provides a brilliant opportunity to gain insight into the life of each school.

The University of Winchester Facebook Pages – Liked:

Liked UOW Primary ICT page

Liked Yr1 Computing

My Facebook posts related to computing and ICT:

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Post 4

Post 5

Post 6

Post 7

Post 8

Post 9


Post 10


Post 11


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