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Monday 5th October

After seminar one I began to think about how ICT is being used in schools. I reflected upon my experiences and placements which I’ve visited. I’ve seen that there has been a big increase as now most schools have iPads, kindles, laptops etc.

My objectives are:

– to earn 2400 points in the hungry games

– to broaden my knowledge of the ICT curriculum for primary school

– to have a wide range of apps that I can use in placement

My Strengths-

  • having an Ipad means I can try out new apps and websites to build my knowledge
  • I have a smart phone so I feel that I am familiar with the app store

My weaknesses-

  • I am worried to try new things because I worry if I mess up that it might wipe my work
  • I’m not use to doing my work on an Ipad, I’m used to a laptop or writing it by hand

I’m looking forward to exploring technology by participating in the hungry games, trying out new apps and programmes.  One of my aims is to use my iPad mini and explore the range of apps, which I could take into placement and use with the children. I can try them out for myself to see if I think they will be suitable for the children or topic which they are learning about.  I feel that my weakness is worrying about doing something wrong and causing problems, once I have more knowledge and experience I feel like I’ll be able to overcome this.

I also learnt that more schools are using technology to publicise their school or send out important announcements. Many schools are now using Facebook and twitter or they’ve updated their website so it’s full of information. In my last placement they had a good website and I feel like I’ve got a good idea of how this can help both parents and teachers.

ICT is becoming more sufficient in the national curriculum as it can be used across all of the other subjects. This means its important teachers to understand the technology as they are going to be using it with the children. I am looking forward to learning more , so I feel comfortable using a range of technology in placement.

I did some research on the views around ICT in the primary curriculum.


I found this article interesting as Michael Gove described the ICT curriculum as a mess. He said that it is dull and fails to inspire the children. He said the curriculum needed to be reformed in order for it to fit with todays growing technology.  I agree that ICT needs to become more dominant. The world we live in is always developing technology so it’s important to keep up to date and educate the children about the new change. they need to develop good ICT skills, ready to into work because a lot of jobs have a  strong ICT background.


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