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Seminar 1 Semester 1

When first looking at the National Curriculum for computing for key stage one and two, I was unsure what many of the key words meant! Within the seminar, we discussed the meaning of algorithm: a set of instructions, which children need to understand at key stage one and explain how they work and detect errors at key stage two. In order to portray this to us, we were asked to provide instructions for making a jam sandwich. This was more difficult than it first seemed and it helped to show us that we need to give precise instructions to a computer! This section of the curriculum seems very relatable towards other subjects, for example instruction writing within English. By making the jam sandwich, we also learnt about decomposition: breaking down instructions into smaller, more manageable chunks. This will help children to find out about computing more slowly and feel less overwhelmed by the process.

After the seminar, I looked up some different opinions about the computing curriculum and found this website: http://www.qaeducation.co.uk/supporting-engineering-in-education-and-the-new-computing-curriculum/. It was really interesting to read the opinion that although 1 in 3 teachers lack the confidence to teach the new computing curriculum effectively, children are responding to it well. I also looked at an article by Michael Gove about the curriculum: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/michael-gove-speaks-about-computing-and-education-technology. He states that the new curriculum is more focused upon the science of computing and gives schools more space to be innovative and creative with the subject.

My Aims For The End of the Course:

  • To gain  a deeper understanding of computing skills and the Primary Curriculum.
  • To complete the assignment successfully.

My Strengths Regarding Computing:

  • The new IPads we have been given will be a great resource to use with children and will help to develop their computing skills.
  • I have learnt about lots of new websites that the children will be able to access and learn from, for example Collins Big Cat Books and Skitch.

My weaknesses/Challenges Regarding Computing:

  • I do not remember many computing lessons from when I was at Primary School and I therefore struggled when I reached senior school as I was unable to keep up with the class!
  • I am not sure of many teaching techniques or programmes to learn for computing, however I am looking forward to learning lots of new techniques which I can use in the classroom!

Image result for computing       Image result for computing


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